ATA Americas Product Catalog

USA Europe North America South America Australia Japan ATA DELIVERS FOR INDUSTRIES WORLDWIDE. ESTABLISHED IN 1963, ATA IS A WORLD LEADING MANUFACTURER AND DISTRIBUTOR OF PREMIUM QUALITY INDUSTRIAL AND PRECISION TOOLS FOR COMPANIES NEEDING A COMPLETE RANGE OF MATERIAL REMOVAL, CUTTING AND FINISHING SOLUTIONS. THE COMPANY BRANDS INCLUDE SGSPRO, GARRYSON, ATA TOOLS, AND KARNASCH PROFESSIONAL TOOLS. Surcharges may be applied to bulk goods, express delivery, additional handling requirements, and difficult to access areas or territories. We reserve the right to adjust freight costs and surcharge prices at any time based on our shipping provider rates. If you need to return a product to us, please contact our customer service department. See above for details. ORDERS RETURN DELIVERIES / CLAIMS CUSTOMER SERVICE +1 330 928 7744 YOUR CUSTOMER NUMBER Fax: +1 330 849 2977 Email: Phone: +1 330 928 7744 Fax: +1 330 849 2977 Email: You can reach us from 8.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday at our US offices. For all order inquiries outside of these times, please email us. ATA Manufacturing, R&D and Sales Center ATA Sales Office ATA Manufacturing Plant and Sales Center Distribution Center and Sales Office Areas covered by distribution