ATA International Product Catalogue

601200 601161 601160 1370 10 l 350 g 10 l 5 l 5 l LUBRICANTS · CUTTING OIL · BIO-UNIVERSAL CLEANER · DEGREASER CONTACT INFORMATION For more information please call +353 49 435 2138 or send an email to MECUTWAX The corresponding safety data sheet (DIN 52900) for all of the lubricants/cutting oils offered is available on request. BIO-UNIVERSAL CLEANER/DEGREASER MECUT WAX HIGH PERFORMANCE COOLING-LUBRICANT STICK Silicone free • The wax sticks to the tool. • No dripping or splashing Ideal for working under difficult circumstances e.g. 'Overhead use' and for machines without cooling device. METAL DEGREASING AND CLEANING CONCENTRATE WITH CORROSION PROTECTION Use: • For metal degreasing / cleaning in preparation for painting and powder coating. • Removes slushing oils and greases as well as synthetic and natural waxes. • Can be used hot or cold in spray, dipping and brushing processes. • Excellent for ultrasonic cleaning systems too. Instructions for use: Dilution is recommended depending on the contamination: Highest contamination (e.g. rolling grease, slushing oils, synthetic oils) = 1:5–1:10 Medium level contamination = 1:10–1:20 Light contamination = 1:20–1:40 When used with high pressure cleaners (up to 90°), cleaning performance increases due to the detergent substances contained by a factor of 5. After the exposure time, which depends on the contamination, the loosened dirt is easy to rinse or spray off with water. Depending on the degree of contamination use concentrated or diluted up to 40 times. Let it work in after application, if required use a cloth to wipe off and spray off with a high pressure jet. 11 Index 10 9 OIL 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1