ATA International Product Catalogue

305 SPADE DRILLS Spade drill is the perfect drilling tool match for all kinds of modern CNC machines such as: • Numerically controlled planar drill • Numerically controlled lathe • Machining centers Preferably carbide inserts are applied Spade drill is the perfect drilling tool match for all kinds of traditional / manual drilling machines such as: • Pillar drilling machines • Radial drilling machines • Vertical driller • Non numerically controlled lathe Preferably powder steel inserts are applied WHY SPADE DRILLS DESCRIPTION OF INSERT MODEL Chip dividing groove • Reduce cutting width • Better chip removal • Reduce drilling torque Core drilling •  Thinner core drilling, which reduce 20% axial resistance compared with normal drilling products. • Better self-centering XR chisel edge regrinding •  Improve the strength of cutting edges • Increase the stability Two back flank surfaces •  Reduce the friction with the workpiece • Better self-centering •  Reduce the axial resistance Diamater champfer •  Increase the strength of insert •  Reduce the wear & tear of outer diameter •  Improve the smoothness on the surface of workpiece Location groove •  Ensure the accuracy of the radial direction Fix screw holes •  Safe and reliable clamping •  Ensure the stability during drilling Chip breaker •  Chip breaking, better chip removal •  Reduce drilling torque Coating All inserts receives special coatings 11 Index 10 9 OIL 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1