ATA International Product Catalogue

645 SOLID CARBIDE DRILLS TO REMOVE JAMMED TAPS Solid carbide drills to remove jammed taps Cutting data for bench drilling and column drilling machine Lubrication: Dry or wet (risk of stick together with lubrication) Speed: 1,000–1,500 r/min Operation instruction 1.  The workpiece has to be clamped very solid and safe. 2.  The overlapping part on the tap has to be made plane with the workpiece. 3.  Centering of the drill by multiple tip-centering. In case of tip-centering with NC machine please choose a lower cutting speed. 4.  The removal of tap can be made with an NC machine with lubrication (Attention: risk of sticking together) also by hand with a bench drilling or column 5. Removal of remaining chippings with compressed air or with a scriber. 6.  New thread cutting with a new tap. 7.  After finishing the new thread please test the size accuracy. 1–5 taps can be removed with one drill to remove jammed taps. Regrinding of drills to remove jammed taps is not economical. Due to the hexagon this drill can also be clamped in normal three-or-four-jaw chucks. In case of correct use the core hole will not be damaged in all materials, also in Cu or AI and hardened materials. 11 Index 10 9 OIL 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1