ATA International Product Catalogue

682 CONTACT INFORMATION For more information please call +353 49 435 2138 or send an email to HIGH-PERFORMANCE COUNTERSINKS PROPERTIES Shank tolerance h8 3-flat shank for: –  Excellent torque transmission – No slippage in the drill chuck – This results to superior cutting output * Note: In conversion. Not yet available for all countersinks. If absolutely needed, please ask in advance if already avialable. RAPID-CUT countersinks Art. 20 1760 / 20 1765 pages 704- 705 already completely with 3-flat shank. Tungsten carbide countersinks Art. 20 1755 comes with cylindrical shank. This countersink type is used mostly on CNC-machines with shrinking chucks. Shrinking chucks works only with cylindrical shank. CBN deep-ground flutes leads (unlike miled grooves) to significantly smoother and sharper cutting edges. This result is: Higher cutting performance and tool life. Each diameter receives its own relief angle. Result: The cutting edge is also always the highest point. According to the diameter radially-adjusted CBN ground relief. Result: The cutting edge is always the highest point of the diameter. Axial relief produces by CBN grinding leads to a smooth and low-heat cut. COUNTERSINKS The flutes of Karnasch high-performance countersinkers are always CBN ground. This guarantees: Excellent chip clearance / chatter-free working / scratch-free surface / best centering. 11 Index 10 9 OIL 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1