ATA International Product Catalogue

820 ALLOY SPECIFIC CUT ZYA WRC KUD TRE RBF SPG – KEL SKM a C d e f g h l m 822 822 822 823 823 823 824 824 824 CONTACT INFORMATION For more information please call +353 49 435 2138 or send an email to Designed specifically to meet the most demanding metal finishing needs of high tech industries APPLICATION Steel Hardened steel Stainless Cast iron Titanium OPTIMAL GOOD Alu Plastics GRP/CRP Nickel Copper, copper alloys Cermet CUT SPECIFICATION ALLOY SPECIFIC CUT Stock items + catalogue pages Cylinder Ball nosed cylinder Ball Oval Ball nosed tree Tree Flame Ball nosed cone Cone The geometry has been specifically designed for use on Ni-Alloys & Ti-Alloys. Our new alloy specific bur geometry offers: • Advanced cutting geometry, allowing for – Increased stock removal · Improved surface finish · Increased tool life · Controlled cutting action • High performance grinding - ensuring production savings and reduced downtime • CNC Machined - high consistent quality • Combined with the ATA Pencil Grinders, the AS range allows for: – A smoother grinding operation · Increased productivity 11 Index 10 9 OIL 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1