ATA International Product Catalogue

849 INNOVATION RADIUS BUR Movie RADIUS BUR LINE THE RADIUS BUR an added dimension in finishing technology This exclusive range of multi-application burs will cover almost all your general metal removal work. With an exclusive inverted curve design, this innovative range of burs provides a versatility that makes these burs suitable for use across a wide range of jobs and reduces the need for consumable and tool changes, saving you time as well as money. Features & Benefits • Unique Inverted Curve - Ideal for creating a smooth radius on sharp corners • Unique Guide System - Ease of control on sharp edges • Special Tooth Geometry - Smooth cutting action using all faces and rapid material removal • CNC Machined - High consistent quality • Manufactured from High Quality Sintered Tungsten Carbide - Guaranteed high performance and durability • Manufactured to strict quality control standards - Incorporates 100% inspection of brazed joints • Versatile - Can be used on a wide variety of materials e.g. titanium, bronze, stainless steel, cast iron, brass, etc APPLICATIONS Radius bur geometry and design allows easy grinding where an internal / external chamfer or blend is required on a multitude of materials INDUSTRY TARGETS • Automotive • Aerospace • Foundries APPLICATIONS SC SC SK SK SL SL SK 11 Index 10 9 OIL 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1