ATA UK Product Catalogue

1 2 114 END MILLS CONTACT INFORMATION For more information please call +44 1530 261 145 or send an email to Quality characteristics of diamond coated Karnasch solid carbide end mills – Consistently 'only the best' - built to exacting standards. To help distinguish between our end mills and their application, the Karnasch high performance end mills are packed and labelled in different coloured protective packaging tubes. Diamond coated end mills are labelled in grey with protective packaging tubes also in grey. In order to guarantee the maximum level of precision, every micron will be examined. That’s why Karnasch micro precision end mills are marked on the shank bottom side. We achieve a better concentricity, while at the same time, the lifetime increases with measurably smoother surfaces. PICTURE OF THE DIAMOND COATING Compact structure of nano-crystalline diamond coating. CONSISTENT COATING ALONG THE CUTTING EDGE 1 DIAMOND COATING 2 SOLID CARBIDE – SUBSTRATE ACCURATE CONTOUR DIAMOND COATING EVEN WITH END MILL DIAMETER 0.2 MM. The highest possible service life and precision is only achieved if the metal substrate, coating and tool geometries are designed to exacting standards. Diamond coated Karnasch end mills are supplied with special geometries for machining graphite, as well as featuring an optimised nano-crystalline, droplet free diamond coating. Plus, all tools undergo a rigorous series of quality control checks, to ensure full standard compliance. Concentricity tolerance of max. 3 µ Diameter tolerance of 0/-0.010 mm Radius contour accuracy of max. ± 0.002 mm This considerably increases the surface finish and the tool life. 11 Index 10 9 OIL 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1